Sweet Laura. I remember the first time I ever met Laura and you at OU/Texas way back when in college – I remember thinking how WILD Laura (Dillard/Young)s’ friends were. I thought I was wild, but Laura was this spitfire, haha. Turns out, you guys are the most calm human beings.ever. I also remember how BEAUTIFUL Laura is. From then on, we would see Laura off and on until post college. My favorite memory was when you both decided to adopt, she told us at one of our dinners and how quickly the adoption process was for you both. I felt one minute we were talking about it and the process and literally by our next dinner we had together, there was going to be a baby. We fed her all the information she needed as a first time mom, but I knew that it didn’t matter what we said, much like everything else, Laura would be this amazing mother who would just figure it out in her own way. She didn’t talk about being sick, she didn’t let it take over her life, she lived with it, but also lived her life….traveling, teaching and parenting, she did it all, and never let anything set her back. Even at our last dinner together, she still had her glass of wine in hand and didn’t let the present set her back. I loved that about her. Laura is a model of strength, courage and light to others and what I will remember most about her.