In 2014, Laura, Jay, Greg Stewart, Vanessa Stewart, my wife, Hillary and I went to the Winstar Casino to see standup comedian Aziz Ansari for Jay’s 30th birthday. There were six people in one room, sprawled out all over each other. Of course, Laura went above and beyond to make Jay’s birthday special, decorating our room and having celebratory drinks before dinner. We roamed the mile long casino together, people watching, laughing and having fun before it was time to see Aziz. The show itself was great, but it was afterwards, where Laura, Hillary and Vanessa behind Laura’s encouragement, dialed over 100 rooms looking to get in touch with Aziz Ansari. She failed, miserably, and probably infuriated way too many people who were fast asleep at 2 am with a “hey …are you Aziz??” She was determined, and probably a little stubborn in her thought that she could get a hold of Aziz Ansari, only because she KNEW they would be best friends (because of course they would).

Laura was always the sweetest and silliest, and found fun in every moment. Whether it be having a game night (where she always won), watching Jay and I mess up a back yard projects, or tasting new beers at a local brewery. I will miss Laura very much, and I am so glad I have had her in my life for 20 years.