I first met Laura in 6th grade at Westminster. To tell just one story about her and the memories we have together is impossible. She was one of my best friends.

We TP-ed Senorita Verstrait’s house and had Chris drive us there and back in middle school. Laura once made a joke about a lima bean in Spanish class but pronounced it like Lima the capital of Peru; we could barely control our laughter. I laughed so hard and so uncontrollably that I was asked to leave the classroom. We were total dorks, but thought we were so cool and rebellious when we snuck out of Jennifer Snider’s house in the middle of the night to walk around Nichols Hills. We smoked our first, and I think possibly last, cigarette together. We went on our first college tours together. Once at the mall when trying on swimsuits she forgot to take off a pair of bottoms that were over her pants and didn’t realize it until we were well out of the fitting room. We took my mom’s Oldsmobile out several times well before either of us were even slightly legal to drive. We made up hand motions as a dance to all kinds of NYSNC and Britney songs. We made absurdly awful home movies, A Run To Forget and Intersections, with Jennifer Snider and Laura Young.

We shared so many firsts together, and I’m so sad that she’s gone. She was a kind, funny, smart, genuine, and beautiful friend inside and out. I’ll miss her dearly.