I can never forget meeting Laura when she was 11 months old. What a delightful little girl, just learning to talk and walk in her high top white shoes. She blossomed so quickly when playing with Beth and quickly caught up to her in so many ways. She began kindergarten a year early because she was so bright. She was always soft-spoken but so sure of herself. We missed seeing each other when both of our families moved but loved keeping in touch through the years. I treasure her first trip to Mexico with us when she graduated high school. Who knew it would turn into her love of the language and culture for the rest of her life and lead to her professional choice. I feel privileged to know such a wonderful person and grieve with her family the loss of a daughter, wife, and mother. She obviously loved her life, which is why she fought so hard to remain with her family. She will never leave our hearts, but we all have an angel in heaven waiting for us.