Sarah Montgomery

Just knowing Laura through her mother Chris, her life has been an inspiration to many of us, and we mourn her loss as if we had known her. My prayers are with you and your family.

Katie Derouen

This woman right here, was easily one of the most enriching person I have ever met. Life is too short and my heart breaks deeply hearing about her passing. Sending all my prayers and love your way! God left all that have come in contact with her, a piece of her and that’s always something you have to remind yourself!

Margaret Mathews

I am so sorry to hear of Laura’s passing. Having been through the cancer experience several times, I know the challenges of that battle. I hope you and your family will find solace with those who love and care about you. With love, Margaret

Mary and Larry Steichen, and Gabby

Jay, we were so sorry to learn of Laura’s passing. Laura was one of the most compassionate, caring people I’ve ever met. Her long battle and fierce efforts are an inspiration. I know this is such a difficult time for you and your family. We are remembering all of you in our prayers.

Liz Blood

Laura had a big influence on me as a young adult. She let me stay with her when I visited Westminster and she looked out for me when I was a freshman and sophomore there. She showed me it was possible to be beautiful and smart, to have fun and work hard, to be kind and speak up when she thought something was wrong. I looked up to her and was lucky to know her. I’m sure anyone who knows her feels the same.

Vera Gordy

I met Laura at Westminster School in Oklahoma City. We were very close during our elementary and middle school years at Westminster – I look back on that period of my life very fondly and Laura was often the reason for those happy memories. We loved to do arts and crafts together and probably annoyed our mothers with our frequent requests to go to Hobby Lobby for new supplies. However, my favorite memories with Laura involved our mutual love of the Winter Olympics. We were huge fans of figure skating and we would spend hours recounting the routines of our favorite skaters, Michelle Kwan and Tara Lipinski. In middle school, my parents moved to a new house and before they bought furniture for the main living room, we would use the open space to practice our triple-triple combination jumps (probably more realistically our single – single combination jumps). We would spend hours perfecting our jumps and critiquing each others form. We had the best time and countless laughs over how ridiculous we were. I realize I haven’t known Laura for a very long time but the Laura I knew then was kind, passionate, smart, creative, beautiful and fun. I want to send my warmest and sincerest condolences to her family – in particular – her mother, her husband and her beautiful boy. I was lucky to have known her.